Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I’ve channeled a book titled And Jesus Said: A Conversation. This blog will contain content about the book. Your feedback is welcomed. Since this is the inaugural blog, I’ll address why Jesus wanted the book written.

Jesus wants to remind you of your origin and purpose. Your origin is The Source. Your purpose is to return to The Source. There’s a lot Jesus wants to tell you that lies between those two extremes.

You originated in The Source before solar systems, atoms, or anything existed. At some point well before the beginning of any physical existence as we know it, The Source permitted parts of itself to separate and exist independently. Jesus calls these separations energy systems. These energy systems are the same substance as The Source. They are part but not all of The Source.

You are one of those energy systems. Your real essence is an energy system, a part of The Source, inhabiting a human body. You are god, a divine spirit.

Your purpose includes the following:
·      To create
·      To experience
·      To accept, forgive, and respect yourself
·      To accept, forgive, and respect others
·      To know and experience The Source.
·      To permanently return to The Source.

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