Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What is prayer?

And Jesus said, “Prayer is spiritual interaction between The Source, you, and others. Spiritual interaction is an activity, a connection, and a dialogue between the spirit you are, other spirits, and The Source. This connection and dialogue uses intent and emotions more than words. There is a difference between how you feel when you are content vs. the words you use to describe the contentment. Prayer is like being content instead of stating your contentment. Being content is the act of emoting or feeling contentment to such a degree that you would describe yourself as content. This interaction also often includes images. Therefore, prayer is interaction facilitated by feeling and seeing. This seeing is not an act accomplished using your physical eyes but rather images you internally visualize.
Therefore, prayer is a multi-dimensional emotional and visual experience. It involves giving and receiving, an exchange of spiritual energy containing feelings and images. Prayer is a participatory activity. Prayer does not require a special place, time, or physical posture. Prayer does not require an adherence to a particular religion because prayer is not a religious activity.”

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And Jesus said, “My return to earth to identify and claim some special group will not occur. God the Source has no plan or need for that to occur. Such a return or plan is not what existence is about.
Existence is about you, a Source-originating energy system that is creating and experiencing. In reality, there is never separation between an energy system (your true self) and The Source. You, an energy system, are guilty of nothing that separates you from The Source. You have simply experienced human form so many times that you have forgotten your origin.
It is your responsibility to awaken and enhance your awareness of The Source. It is your responsibility to understand and have a living experience of your existing connection to God, The Source. You do not need my intervention and it is not my task to do it for you. I can guide you, but I cannot and will not act on your behalf. You are a god and are capable of acting for yourself.”
From And Jesus Said: A Conversation

Thursday, July 19, 2012

And Jesus said, “You are responsible. You are as equipped physically and spiritually as any one else. There are no humans or entities “higher” than you and, therefore, more capable than you to decide what you should do. You are capable of understanding and determining your destiny and each step along the way.

It is a waste of your time, as you measure it in your physical plane, to ask any human or disembodied spirit what you should do. Part of your function as a spirit inhabiting a human body is to decide for yourself. Frequently asking others to tell you what to do is a popular and over used avoidance mechanism. You don’t trust yourself to make the decision because you are afraid you’ll make the wrong decision. Therefore, you ask someone else to tell you what to do.

There are no right or wrong decisions. There are just decisions which produce results that lead to other opportunities to make decisions.

Avoid doing what someone else tells you to do. That postpones the inevitable – making your own decision.

Let me be clear. Seeking information to inform a decision is appropriate. Discussing options with a person you trust can provide objectivity. However, there is a difference between asking, “What is your opinion or perspective?” and saying, “Tell me what to do.”

Think. Feel. Evaluate. Seek guidance and ask questions when appropriate. Decide. Live with the consequences. Move through existence as a responsible, divine energy system inhabiting a human body embracing and living your uniqueness.”

Saturday, July 7, 2012

What does Jesus want to accomplish with this book?

And Jesus said, "Throughout human history, you attempted to develop an understanding of spirituality. You developed systems of thought and action to satisfy this desire for spiritual understanding. You focused on rituals, words, actions, physical positions, and structures. You let other humans of alleged superior knowledge and experience think and decide for you. In the name of spiritual development, you have even been involved in the absurd practice of sacrifice of other humans and animals. What is more important, you sacrificed individual intuition and intellect.
I want to provide information about my role in your current religious systems, my relationship to The Source, my desired relationship with you, and your relationship to The Source and other humans. Many will not consider it light. Many will consider it darkness. Nevertheless, it is light."