Tuesday, July 24, 2012

And Jesus said, “My return to earth to identify and claim some special group will not occur. God the Source has no plan or need for that to occur. Such a return or plan is not what existence is about.
Existence is about you, a Source-originating energy system that is creating and experiencing. In reality, there is never separation between an energy system (your true self) and The Source. You, an energy system, are guilty of nothing that separates you from The Source. You have simply experienced human form so many times that you have forgotten your origin.
It is your responsibility to awaken and enhance your awareness of The Source. It is your responsibility to understand and have a living experience of your existing connection to God, The Source. You do not need my intervention and it is not my task to do it for you. I can guide you, but I cannot and will not act on your behalf. You are a god and are capable of acting for yourself.”
From And Jesus Said: A Conversation

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