Friday, August 3, 2012

Are all of us part of and yet separate and apart from God?

Indeed. I am quite aware of the great difficulty this causes. Many of you consider the claim “I am god” as blasphemous. Many have forgotten that when I was in human form as Jesus, the ancient Hebrew and Roman cultures considered that claim blasphemous.

Current Christians now accept that one human has been god. A small band of humans believed I was god during my last incarnation but failed to understand that they were also capable of that of which I was capable. That is, we are all capable of direct communication with The Source because we are all part of The Source.

No rituals, rules, or regulations are necessary for communication with God. It is a spirit-to-Spirit event. This event occurs within you, not outside you. After my physical death as Jesus, many of my early followers gave up on their belief in their divinity. As a response to the pressures of their cultures and misunderstandings, they moved away from participation in their divinity and back to abdication of their responsibility to be god in human form.

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