Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What should you do?

And Jesus said, “You seek an answer to the question, “What should I do?” You hope to shorten the process of deciding or to avoid your responsibility to make a decision. You stand on the precipice of the unknown, straining to see into the mystery in hopes of finding a clue of what to do. You eschew trial and error. You do not see your mental ministrations as avoidance mechanisms.

Achieving the goal is not as important as experiencing the journey. Trial and error represent experience while weaving a circuitous route to discovery. You often detect the challenge others have in experiencing the journey as well as their attempts to avoid that process by waiting for the “right” goal. Yet, it is difficult for you to see your own reluctance to experience the journey and your own proclivity to know the correct goal before the journey begins. 

However, it is your lot to practice and exhibit your creator abilities. It is your lot to decide and let “deciding” initiate a journey. Therefore, experience and respond to the journey in whatever manner you choose and altar your course as it suits you. 

Do what you want to do. It begins with a decision to try something as a means to reach a goal and as you try, to alter your path and your perspective of the goal as appropriate. 

You are not here to achieve. You are here to experience and learn. As a byproduct of that process, you achieve. However, the broader purpose is not to reach some goal and relax, but to experience, experience, experience. Moreover, reaching the goal is just another experience.

Do as you please. Your discomfort and displeasure is the result of avoiding action. Moreover, you tend to accept what others say you should do while not doing what you want to do. Those types of persons are with you always. Be not controlled by their strenuous exhortations regarding what you should and should not do. Listen to your own voice.”

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